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We are passionate about sailing and we love our beautiful Sardinia.

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Sunshine Sail is an individual company run by Giuseppe Arrius who alternates sailing boat charter organisation and winter activities such as lecturer, sailing and and other sports practice (karate, rugby, functional training).

When the boat is not booked for your holiday, Giuseppe uses it to discover always new views of his stunning Sardinia or for the regattas he does with his amazing team of sailing enthusiasts like him during winters and springs.

“Who we are” then, because Ciogga would not exist without the support of the team and many other loved ones to whom a special thank you necessarily goes.

Thanks also to you because you are thinking about your next vacation on Ciogga or maybe you have already chosen it. Thanks also because you love the sea and respect it as we do.

Look at the pictures of our days on board and the regattas in which Ciogga takes part.

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