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In our Services page you will find all pricing details for different rental options.

Having more information on the prices and availability of Ciogga Minudda is very easy.

In our Contact page you can find the direct contact form and all the necessary references to send us an email or call us. If you prefer you can also write us through social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Documentation required to confirm the reservation

As per current legislation to navigate with our sailing boat charter, within 30 days before the departure it is necessary to send the following documents to the Sunshine Sail booking office:

  • Copy of the sailing boat driving license and the RTF certificate
  • The crew list
  • Details of flights (in case of arrivals from destinations outside Sardinia)
  • Possible extra request
  • A signed copy of the rental agreement

Discover all Rental Conditions.

How boarding / check-in and landing / check-out work

Check-in usually takes place on Saturday at 6PM, while check-out is on the following Saturday at 9AM. The return to port is done before 6PM on the day before the landing, with the full diesel tank.

The request for check-in and check-out at different times will result in a surcharge.

The preliminary operations for embarking such as inventory and technical assistance are repeated even at the time of disembarkation and usually last about one hour. It is possible to disembark without check-out, but Sunshine Sail will keep the deposit to cover any hidden damage and any fines. In case of no damage, the deposit will be returned returned one week after disembarkation.

Pre-departure meeting with the skipper

Before departure, our Sunshine Sail skipper will provide you and the skipper on board advice about navigation, route, and weather forecast details for the rental period. In case during the rental period, the weather conditions can be monitored by the staff and communicated to the skipper.

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